Travel to Montenegro for 7 days

This story will be about how my wife and I went to Montenegro for a week. I will try to describe everything as it was, I will recommend or not recommend certain routes that we have overcome in Montenegro.

Some of the nuances that I would like to describe before the story begins.

We planned to rent a car when we arrived in the capital, but as soon as we arrived, it became clear that there could be problems with the car. There are very few parking spaces in the city of Budva and almost all of them are paid. And also Montenegro itself consists of sharp slopes and rises, which makes it difficult to drive a car. And for novice drivers, this can be a problem!

Food, food, this could be a separate topic for an article. But in short, the food in Montenegro is not very good, for 7 days, we unfortunately did not manage to taste really delicious food, but more on that below.

For each of the places we visited can be found on this page!

Budva - Check in to the hotel

We landed at the only airport in Montenegro, which is located in the city of Tivat, the airport is small and it will not be a problem to figure out where. Next, we included a transfer to our hotel. We found our bus and we drove to Budva.

Regina Elena Hotel

The hotel itself is in a fairly favorable position and the hotel itself is comfortable enough for a 3-star hotel. We had breakfast included and every day it was, to put it mildly, not very good. But as it turned out, the food was not very good, not only in the hotel.

In order not to waste precious time, we threw our things into the room and went to explore the city.

Beach in Budva

Our feet brought us to the beach and there were a lot of people on the beach. The beach itself consists of small pebbles.


I would like to note right away that showers after swimming in the sea can be taken far from everywhere, they seem to be there, but they do not work. So it’s better before swimming, find a place on the beach next to a working shower!

After we swam, we went further to explore the expanses of Budva and stumbled upon a very picturesque Dukley Hotel & Resort.

It was already evening, so after passing some more piece, we headed towards our hotel to have a good rest.

Day 1

Sights of Budva

We originally planned that we would rent a car for the entire period of our vacation. But when we settled into the hotel, we realized that there would be nowhere to park the car. In general, there is a problem with parking spaces in the resort town of Budva. This is due to the fact that Montenegro itself is a rocky area and the place is categorically small.

Therefore, we decided not to take a car, but to travel by bus and our two.

Old Grad Budva

Walking along the embankment to the old town from our hotel took about 20 minutes. The route itself passes through many different shops, bars, restaurants, where a large number of people walk and have fun.

Near the old town there is Marina bay where luxury boats and yachts are located.


Then we went deep into the old city, which impressed us with its beautiful views. Inside there are many cafes and restaurants, shops with souvenirs.

Citadel of Budva

Further, if you leave the old town in the direction of the sea, you can go to the beach and if you go along the beach and go through the rock to the second beach, then you will probably get to one of the best beaches in all of Budva (In our opinion).


As it seemed to us, there are not so many people on it, and the view is much better than on other beaches.


Sveti Stefan Island

After we refreshed ourselves in the sea, we decided to take a bus and visit the famous island. Near each stop there is a guy who sells bus tickets. You need to tell where you are going and he will name the price and issue a ticket that you need to show to the bus driver. It’s also better to ask the driver where to get off in advance, as it’s quite difficult to figure it out yourself.


Near the passage to the island there is also a beach where people splash in the sea with a beautiful view of the island!

Sveti Stefan resort village and island in Budva

After Sveti Stefan, you should definitely visit the Milocer Beach, which can be reached along a picturesque path that starts right from the island.

Milocher Park

You can take really cool photos from the trail!



After that we decided to return back to Budva. But as it turned out, it is not entirely clear how to do this. We did not understand where the bus stop was in the opposite direction. We walked on foot trying to meet a stop along the way. But so unsuccessfully. Passing by a parking lot, we started a dialogue with a local and asked where he was going. He gladly offered to let me down. He even spoke a little Russian.

We returned to the old city and decided to have dinner. This is what dinner looked like.


Overcooked vegetables and a dry piece of meat. After dinner we returned to our room. The second day was coming to an end.

Day 2

Old town Bar

And the next day began with the fact that we went to the nearest bus station in order to get to the city of Bar. The most interesting thing about this station was that next to it there is a mini zoo, which resembled a mini jungle, where turtles and other cute little animals crawl.

Having reached the bus station of Bar, we couldn’t think of anything better than how to take a taxi. And we needed to get to the old town of Bar. The taxi cost us about 10 euros.

Having reached the old city, we immediately headed to the fortress, as this is one of the most famous sights of the city.

Stari Bar

The fortress is quite interesting for its history and, what is important, for its views.


After we walked around the fortress, I wanted to have a bite to eat. And the best thing is that along the wall of this fortress, there are many bars, cafes and restaurants. Where you can choose any you like and have a good meal.


The food was, as in all Montenegro, not very good, but what was a pleasant surprise was wine. And not just wine, but pomegranate! I would like to dwell on this in a little more detail. It so happened that we were stopped by a sign: “Pomegranate Beer”. I want to try, I thought, I took pomegranate beer for myself and pomegranate wine for my wife.

So the beer was so-so, and the wine was really very tasty, and as it turned out that in the old town of Bar, you can buy it on almost every corner. This is a local wine that is definitely worth a try!


Olive fields

Of the nearby interesting places that we thought it would be interesting to visit, these are olive fields. Walk 20-30 minutes from the fortress. Since the route itself passes through residential private houses. It was interesting to see how people live.


Olive trees are evergreen trees that grow in the Mediterranean region. They can reach a height of up to 15 meters, but usually grow up to 10 meters. Olive trees have gray bark that may be cracked.

Olive Plantation

I Love Bar

After we walked through the olive fields, we decided to go to the promenade. We went on foot and it took us about an hour. The embankment is planted with palm trees and other trees, and is also decorated with fountains and sculptures. There are many cafes, restaurants and bars where you can relax and have a bite to eat. Also on the waterfront are several historical monuments.


The promenade of the city of Bar is a great place to enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and just relax in a pleasant atmosphere.

Bar Embankment

After that, we took the bus back to Budva, where we spent the rest of the day on the beach.

Day 3

Abandoned villages of Bogdashichi

The next day was not entirely successful. The fact is that we went to look for the abandoned villages of Bogdashichi, and before we set off, we found, as it seemed to us, all the necessary information on the site, where there were false data about the location of the village.

On the map, I already indicated the actual coordinates and points, as well as where we were.

Our route

We drove to the city of Tivat by bus, this is the same city where the adventures of everyone who flew to Montenegro by plane begin. And then they went on foot.

As you can see on the map, our path went through private sectors, climbing the mountain, we reached the church of St. Peter.


If you go further along the road, then it comes out on private property, either there or go back. I didn’t want to go back. And we went through private territory and went out into the forest.

There was a barely visible path in the forest, along which we walked, except for the forest and bushes, the only thing we saw was this wall. Maybe it also belonged to the abandoned village of Bogdashichi.

It was not very pleasant to go, because in Montenegro predators are also introduced, and we are walking through the forest, where hardly anyone will come to the rescue. But thank God everything worked out and we went to the next private houses.


On another road, we returned almost to where the route began. After that we returned to Budva and spent the rest of the day on the beach!

Day 4

Bay of Kotor

Walking along the embankment in Budva, we stumbled upon a small travel agency that sold excursions around Montenegro and decided to try it. The ticket costs 40 euros per adult.
The bus stopped and waited for its passengers in the city center, I can’t say for sure. We jumped and were taken to the city of Kotor.


Kotor Fortress

The first thing that catches your eye when you arrive in the city is the huge walls of the Kotor fortress. Near which our bus stopped. The city of Kotor itself is quite small and is located between the mountains. Therefore, there is no separate stop for buses, and as soon as all the passengers got off, the bus immediately left.


The story about the fortress is very interesting, which is described in our separate article, we recommend reading it!

In short, if you are going to visit Montenegro, then this is one of the places that you must visit! There are many beautiful ancient buildings, streets from which incredible landscapes open up!



After a walk around the fortress, we went to the port to board this boat:

The Bay of Kotor is just a magical place that opens up in front of you when you stand by the shore. He seems to embrace the coast, surrounded by mountains, like a giant harbor, hidden from the waves of the sea. The water is quiet and calm, like a huge mirror reflecting the beauty of the surrounding world.

The views from the boat are incredible, as the bay is relatively narrow, and there are mountains all around! A special atmosphere hovers along the shores of the bay. Small villages and beautiful towns with historic buildings give it a special charm. Sometimes it seems that time has stopped here, and you find yourself in some kind of fairy tale. So we sailed to our first point Church of the Virgin on the cliff.

Our Lady on the Cliff

The Church of the Virgin is located on the island, and you can only get there by swimming. The church was built in 1630 and is really worth a visit, a very cool place!

Blue Cave

Then we went to the Adriatic Sea, and more specifically to the cave. When we went out to sea, we were transferred to boats that could swim into the cave, since the passage itself is not large enough.

When you sail up to this cave on a boat, its unique blue hue of water immediately catches your eye. It seems to sparkle with blue and blue colors, and it seems that you are in the underwater world, where peace and harmony reign.

The path inside the cave is very narrow and low, and it seems that there is no place for a person at all. But when you get inside, an amazing landscape opens up – the ceiling is strewn with sparkling stalactites that glow with reflected sunlight.

It is best to get there without a tour, as a large number of people spoil the impression, when you swim in this cave, you feel like a herring in a jar!

Herceg Novi

Our next and last stop on this tour was the city of Herceg Novi.

When you enter the old city gate, it is as if you are transported into the past. The streets are narrow and winding, houses with beautiful facades seem to come to life and tell their old stories.

Stone walls and towers, old churches, cute shops and cozy cafes – everything around reminds of the rich history of this place. In every stone and every tile you can feel the spirit of antiquity and the secrets that the old city keeps.


The old town in Herceg Novi is a real living historical artifact that envelops with its mysterious charm and leaves no traveler indifferent.

After Herceg Novi, we boarded a boat and we sailed to the port of Kotor, where our bus was waiting for us, which took us to Budva. On this day came to an end.

Day 5


On the 6th day, we took the tour again. The tour promised us to look at the beautiful city of Kotor from above, taste the prosciutto of our own Montenegrin preparation, visit the Cetinje monastery and also conquer the Lipa cave.

And again Kotor

First of all, we visited Kotor, but since we were already in it, we decided to walk other routes through this fortress. Whatever it was, but the fortress is very good and walking through it again did not upset us at all.

Then we went up the serpentine. When we climbed to the highest point, the Bay of Kotor opened before us in all its glory.


After we had had enough of the beautiful view, the bus took us to the Cekanje village, where we tasted prosciutto with rakia. Rakia is the same moonshine. But it’s all about the atmosphere. Great view, table. Locally made prosciutto, song!



Then we jumped into the bus, which took us to the city of Cetinje.

When we drove into Cetinje, the first thing that caught my eye was the old stone houses that seemed to keep the secrets of the past. The streets are narrow and winding, and it seems as if you are entering another era.

The guide told us about the rich history of this city, how different cultures and influences mixed here for centuries. We saw ancient churches, monasteries and fortresses that testify to the glorious past of Cetinje.

We especially remember the trip to Cetinsky Monastery. The monastery was founded in the 15th century, and it still retains its atmosphere of mysticism and mystery. Inside there were amazing paintings and architectural details that amaze with their craftsmanship.

Cetinje Monastery

We also walked around the old town and visited local shops where we could buy unique souvenirs and handicrafts. The locals were very friendly and hospitable, they were happy to tell us about their culture and traditions.


Lipa Cave

When we entered the cave, the first thing that surprised me was its size and spaciousness. Every corner was decorated with a variety of stalactites and stalagmites, creating amazing shapes and figures. It was like a magical underground kingdom.

Lipa Cave

The guide took us through the narrow dark passages and told us many interesting facts about the formation of the cave and its history. We learned that Lipa is one of the largest caves in Montenegro and it served as a refuge for ancient people thousands of years ago.

I was particularly impressed by the underground lake pool, which was like a mirror reflecting the crystal clear water and stunning stalactite shapes. It was a real miracle of nature.

This was the end of the tour, the bus took us back to Budva.

Morgen Fortress

Mogren Fortress

But the day was not over yet and there was still strength left, therefore, having arrived in Budva, we went on foot to the Morgen fortress. The fortress itself was destroyed and practically nothing remained of it.


A path was marked on the google map, which was supposed to lead to the Morgen beach, which I described earlier. And of course we decided to try to go through it. The first part of the trail is very good, trampled, it can be seen that many tourists walk along it. And it’s not in vain that they go, as it goes out onto a sheer cliff, from which an incredible view opens up!


But you have to be very careful, because there are no fences. Too close to the edge is dangerous!


We went further and now the second part of the trail was not very good. It can be seen that much fewer tourists walk along it, and sometimes it was not at all clear where to go. As a result, when we approached the beach, we had to jump from a 2-meter height, since we never found a smooth descent!


Morgen Beach

When we went down, to our surprise, the beach was almost empty, and the sea was raging, there were huge waves. We liked it and we spent some time on the beach, but the most interesting was ahead of us! The worst thing was that the passage was along the cliff, and the waves were on the rock so that if a person stood there, he would be washed away!

As it turned out, the beach was closed at the exit, there was a man who did not let anyone on the beach, as it was dangerous. This is how our 6th day in Montenegro ended!


Day 6

Circle around Montenegro

On the last day in Montenegro, we once again took a tour. The route was such that we went around the whole country, visited the capital, drove past Skadar Lake, visited a monastery called Morac, walked along the Dzhurdzhevich bridge and much more, but now in order.

Black Lake

Our journey began with loading onto a bus that departed from the city of Budva. And the first thing that was interesting to see was Black Lake. Unfortunately we did not stop there to take a walk, but the views from the bus window were unforgettable!


Capital Podgorica

Our first stop was in the capital of Montenegro – Podgorica. During the tour, we learned a lot of interesting things about the history of Podgorica, how it went through different eras and changed over time. We were told that the city was repeatedly destroyed by wars and then rebuilt, which explains the diversity of its architectural styles.


Moracha river canyon

When we came to the edge of the canyon, my heart seemed to skip a beat with delight. A stunning panorama opened before me – the tall cliffs surrounding the Moraca River created a feeling of complete isolation from the world.


Every step down the canyon was full of amazing discoveries. I learned that this canyon is one of the deepest in Europe, and its walls hide many secrets and stories. The guides told us about the geological history of the canyon, about how the Moraca River has shaped these stunning rocks and gorges over the centuries.

Unfortunately, the photos do not convey the whole atmosphere and beauty that can be seen there on the spot.

Moraca Monastery

Inside the monastery there was an atmosphere of reverence and prayer. The paintings on the walls of the church, ancient icons and architectural details revealed to us a particle of the rich history of this holy place. The guide told us that the Moraca monastery was founded in the XIII century.


Our trip to the Morača Monastery was also an opportunity to get acquainted with the life of the monastery and the customs of the monks. The monastery was not only a place of prayer, but also a place of fellowship, where people could come and find support and comfort.

Izlet Restaurant

We stopped to eat at a restaurant where we tasted river trout with boiled potatoes. I can’t say that it was super tasty, but it was tastier than what we hadn’t eaten before in Montenegro, and the views from this restaurant were very personal!

Dzhurdzhevich Bridge

The bridge rises above the canyon of the Tara River, and its height turned out to be much higher than I imagined. As soon as we crossed over to the other side, there were breathtaking views of the deep canyon with its winding roads, green trees and powerful rocks. It was a truly majestic landscape that sunk into my soul.


Dzhurdzhevich Bridge was built in an impressive way – its huge arches and strong pillars created a sense of reliability and safety, despite its impressive size. The guide told us the history of the construction of the bridge, and I learned that this is one of the highest bridges in Europe and one of the most significant structures in Montenegro.

Part of the bridge was destroyed during the 2nd World War by partisans, which led to a halt in the advance of Italian troops in this part of Montenegro.

Also, near the bridge, there are 350 meters cables, along which you can go down from one part of the river to another. What we did!


Black Lake

As we approached the lake, I noticed that its water was indeed black, hence its name. It gave the impression that something mysterious and unusual lay before me. The journey to the lake turned out to be a little difficult, the bus stops far enough from the lake and you need to walk, but every step was worth it to see this unique natural attraction.

The road to the lake itself is also entertaining, there is beautiful nature around, and along the road there are shops where locals sell honey, tinctures, jam and much more.


The lake is surrounded by dense forests that create a sense of solitude and peace. The nature here is completely unusual for me – the greenery of the trees, the songs of the birds created a harmonious symphony of nature.


Return trip

After the lake, we also walked along the path to the bus, after which we took a long road back to Budva. And the next day we packed our bags and went home to our homeland! Hope you enjoy our story! Leave your comments below with your stories from Montenegro!

Day 7

Other routes

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