Cetinje Monastery

Cetinje Monastery

The first mention of the monastery dates back to 1484, Prince Ivan invited Bishop Peter of Cetinje to build the monastery. Like many Christian churches, the temple was destroyed by the Turks more than once. The history of this region is generally quite difficult because of the raids of the Ottoman Empire. The last reconstruction was carried out here in 1927.

Over the centuries, very rare and significant shrines have come to the monastery.  Here is kept:

  • A piece of the Tree of the Holy Life-Giving Cross of the Lord, on which Jesus was crucified
  • the Crown of St. Stephen of Dechany
  • the Stole of St. Savva I
  • Right hand (three fingers of the right hand) St. John the Baptist
  • A piece of the relics of St. Theodore Stratilat
  • the Relics of the Metropolitan of Montenegro and Bishop Peter of Cetinje-the founder of the monastery

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