Lipa Cave

Lipa Cave

One of the largest caves in the Balkans.The cave originates from the village of Lipa and ends somewhere in the mountains on the Adriatic coast. 40 years ago, this cave was flooded by a powerful flood and only in 2013 an investor appeared. The investor allocated 800 thousand euros for the restoration of the cave and only 300 thousand were added by the state.

The beauty created by nature is fascinating – stalactites , stalagmites , karst deposits . A 2.5 km long trail is available for tourists, but it is worth noting that, like in any cave, it is very cold here, so even in hot weather it is worth stocking up on warm clothes.

A steam train will take you to the cave itself, which goes to the cave every hour and a half. The tour lasts one hour, the ticket price for an adult is 10.90 and for children 1 euro up to 5 years, from 5-15 years 6.90.

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