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Paradise, US
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High quality webcam of the Sphere in Las Vegas

The Sphere at the Venice Resort, formerly known as the MSG Sphere, is a spherical music and entertainment arena located in Paradise, Nevada, USA, near the Las Vegas Strip and east of the Venetian resort.

Its outer surface has a total area of 81,300 square meters, and of this area, 54,000 square meters are decorated with LEDs, making it the largest LED wall in the world. Once completed, the Sphere became the largest spherical building on the planet, surpassing even the Avicii Arena.

This arena is 112 meters high and 157 meters wide at its widest point. Accommodates up to 18,600 people and provides high-speed Internet access in all locations.

A feature of the arena is the use of tactile technology for 10,000 seats inside. The seats take up only two-thirds of the interior, while the rest is dedicated to the stage. The venue can also accommodate 20,000 standing guests. The arena consists of nine levels, including the basement, where the VIP club is located. There are 23 luxury suites on the third and fifth floors.

Inside the Spheres is a 16K resolution ring LED screen covering an area of 15,000 m². It is the world’s largest high resolution LED screen. Outside, the arena is equipped with 54,000 m² of programmable lighting, allowing you to create various holiday themes, such as a Halloween pumpkin lantern or a New Year’s snow globe.

The sphere is also equipped with a spatial audio system using Holoplot X1 speaker modules capable of beamforming and wavefield synthesis. The Sphere has a total of 1,600 X1 speakers hidden behind LED panels and 300 mobile modules, for a total of 167,000 speakers. The sound system is also capable of producing 4D effects including smells and wind.

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