Top 10 places to walk in Latvia

Top 10 places to walk in Latvia

One of the most popular places in Latvia that is definitely worth a visit is the Kemeri Marshes. There are two trails to choose from – a large circle of 3.4 km and a small circle of 1.4 km. On the large circle you can climb to the observation tower and admire the swamp from a bird’s eye view.

Kemeri Marshes

In second place is the Līgatne nature trail. There are enclosures for bears, foxes, deer, moose, lynxes and many other animals.

Ligatne Nature Trail

The third must-see place is Koknese Castle Ruins. Koknese Castle was one of the most important medieval castles. The castle was built in 1209. Soon a fortified city was formed next to the castle.

Koknese Castle Ruins

One of the places that we visited most often as a family was Lake Engures Nature Park. On the territory of the lake there is a large natural park, which is home to rare species of birds and pastures.

Engures Lake Nature Park

A place that will not leave anyone indifferent: The trail to Lake Slokas. This trail is very picturesque and varied. Near the observation tower there is an observation tower 7 meters high, a small parking lot and a small bridge.

Trail on Lake Slokas.

For trail lovers, worthwhile: Līču–Laņģu Rock. The rock is a protected geological monument of Latvia and is located in the Gauja National Park. For the convenience of tourists, a 7 km long trail has been laid here. Along the trail you will see many caves that appeared thanks to springs. About 20 springs originate at the foot of the cliff.

Līču–Laņģu Cliffs

A wonderful and well-kept park, where you can simply stroll on a wonderful day: Old Park and Lake Teperis. It is fashionable to rent boats and catamarans on the lake; sun loungers and volleyball nets are installed. After thoroughly enjoying your time by the lake, you can take a walk through the park.

The old Park and Lake Teperis

For castle lovers, one of them worth visiting is: Jaunpils Castle. The Knight’s Ancient Castle is a well-preserved castle complex in the city of Jaunpils. In the castle complex, the castle museum and garden have been preserved, a medieval tavern has been opened (its menu is modern), and if you wish, you can even stay overnight.

Jaunpils Castle

Also for lovers of ruins and not far from Riga, an interesting place for a walk: Daugavgriva Fortress. Now the fortress is in a dilapidated state and is gradually falling into disrepair. Fortunately, we can still go into the buildings and get acquainted with the detailed history of this powerful fortification.

Daugavgrivas fortress

And finally, not a bad trail that will be a pleasant walk at any time of the year: Nature Reserve “Lielie Kangari”. The trail itself is called the health trail. As soon as you start your journey along it, you will see boards with suggested exercises. All the way you will walk along a reliable boardwalk.

Nature Reserve “Lielie Kangari”

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