Nature Reserve “Lielie Kangari”

Nature Reserve “Lielie Kangari”

It should be noted that at this location parking is located right near the entrance to the trail. First of all, going down the trail, you will see a large 33-meter tower. At the very top there is an observation deck. Not only does the high rise take your breath away, but also from the landscape of the lake and swamp.

The trail itself is called the health trail. As soon as you start your way along it, you will see the boards with the proposed exercises. All the way you will walk along a reliable boardwalk path. The trail itself is small, its distance is only 2 kilometers. Shields with information about myths, legends and the history of this place are installed along the entire length of the trail.

The entrance to the trail is free and at the beginning of the trail there is a fast food stand and a table for relaxing.

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