Finding places to walk in Latvia

Finding places to walk in Latvia

Surely if you came to this page, you were wondering where to go for a walk. There are quite a lot of places in Latvia where you can have a good time.

One of the most common places for walking is trails.

In almost every corner of Latvia, there is a well-maintained trail, where there is parking for a car; along the trails, there is information about local animals and fauna. But how to find this place? On our website, we have a map of all locations, where you can sort the marks by type. For example, show only attractions or only trails.


These are the places we visited ourselves. Each mark is a separate page with a brief description of the location. We also left information about the opening hours of the place or small tips. Almost every weekend we are looking for new places to add to this list!

Street view with your own eyes

The second way you can use is the page “Street View “, where you can select a country at the top of the page, and in random order, you will see the area we visited.

This way you can immediately understand whether you like this location or not. If you like it, you can go to the page for this location and see where it is located and read brief information.



The last option is our blog page. On this page we leave special information, be it the top places in Latvia, or detailed unique information about a specific place or our trip.

This is all you need to know to find places to walk in Latvia. Go to the pages and I am sure that among so many places, you will definitely find the place where you want to go!

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