Koknese Castle Ruins

Koknese Castle Ruins

Koknese Castle was one of the most important medieval castles. The castle was built in 1209. Soon, a fortified city was formed next to the castle. After the massive demolition of the west tower in 1701, the castle was abandoned. But perhaps this is one of the most picturesque places, because the castle stood on a peninsula and all its walls are washed by water.

There is a legend that the ruler of the castle found out that his daughter fell in love with a poor gardener and wants to marry him, locked her in the castle tower. The ruler demanded that the gardener refuse to marry his daughter, but the gardener refused and was killed. Seeing this through the window in the tower, the ruler’s daughter jumped out of the window. Then many times the daughter was seen on the bank of the river Perse , as she grieves sitting on a rock , but it is worth to approach her and she disappears.

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