Yyteri Beach, Pori Live cam

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📍 Pori, FI
🌤 20.75°C
  • Feels like 20.94°C
  • Humidity 💧 79%
  • Clouds 18%
  • Wind 🍃 1.74 km/h
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Experience the beauty of Yyteri Beach in Pori, Finland, as you watch the live stream overlooking the shores bathed by the Baltic Sea.

Yyteri, also known as Ytterö, serves as both a district and a beach, recognized as a popular holiday destination attracting visitors from across the country. Boasting a remarkable six-kilometer stretch and a distinctive dune area, it stands as one of the longest beaches in the Nordic countries.

Pori, a city and municipality situated on the west coast of Finland, traces its origins back to 1558 when it was established by Duke John, who later ascended to become King John III of Sweden.

The name “Pori” translates to ‘Bear City‘ originating from the -borg part (indicating citadel, fortress, or castle) of the original Swedish name, pronounced in a Fennicised manner. The complete Swedish name, Björneborg, literally means Bear Fortress or Bear Castle, and the Latin-Greek term Arctopolis signifies Bear City.

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