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Westernville, situated in the tranquil rural setting of New York state, may appear to be a quiet hamlet, but for those who love the outdoors, it offers year-round excitement.

While Westernville itself may not offer a plethora of activities, its proximity to state parks and national forests, crisscrossed with excellent hiking trails, makes it an ideal destination for those seeking nature-centric adventures.

The live broadcast from the Woods Valley Ski Area demonstrates that outdoor enthusiasts can continue their pursuits even in the winter months. This season transforms hiking boots and backpacks into snowshoes, skis, and inflatable tubes. Deciding between traversing the snow-covered woods and gliding down the slopes is a delightful dilemma.

The latter option is particularly appealing, as winter provides a reprieve from encounters with bears, which wisely hibernate in warm places, leaving the cold outdoors to humans clad in thermal vests and socks.

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