Liepaja St. Nicholas Maritime Council

Liepaja St. Nicholas Maritime Council

The year of construction is 1900. The sanctification of the cathedral took place on 4.09.1903 in the presence of Emperor Nikolai II and his family. The cathedral was built on donations and the main donor was Emperor Nikolai II, and the prominent St. Petersburg architect Vasily Antonovich Kosyakov was in charge of the project and construction.

The temple had a magnificent and rich inner cleansing — icons in golden cytes, marble stairs above altars, and many more. Sailors on distant Pacific trips, the first Russian divers, prayed in this temple.

It is known that the interior of the cathedral was damaged during World War I, but there were still rare religious services. During World War II, a German air defense post was built in the cathedral. At that time, all the bronze bells were removed from the cathedral.

When the Soviet army liberated the cathedral, it was decided to organize a sailor’s club here. Much of what reminded us of the true purpose of the cathedral was either destroyed or rebuilt.

By the end of the 1980 s, a movement for the return of the Orthodox Cathedral had emerged and strengthened. In September 1991, the cathedral was handed over by the military to the faithful. The first worship took place on December 19, 1991. All of Liepaja’s clergy, city authorities, and members of the military attended.

The restoration of the cathedral is ongoing. Including the possibility of leaving the donation in the cathedral.

The fate of the temple was a reflection of the destiny of the people and a reflection of the changing times.

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