Kaucminde Castle

Kaucminde Castle

The Castle dates back to 1459. It was then that a piece of land was handed over Andreas Ksaver, and later the land will be replaced by more than one owner. Construction of the castle began in the second half of the 18 th century. The palace complex with stables and cage is made in the style of early classicism. The author of the project is not clearly identified, but this is presumably architect S.Janson. The palace had two gardens, one of which was located near the Kauce River, and buildings for servants and cattle were located near the road.

From 1909 to 1912, the palace was rebuilt and consolidated into a single crescent structure and passes were built between the buildings.

During the first Republic of Latvia (1920-1940), the castle building housed a very prestigious and significant institute of home economics among girls. They taught him to be not just housewives, but also housewives. After graduating from the institute, graduates were readily invited to work in the famous houses of Europe. Tuition fees were moderate, allowing a girl from a low-income family to be sent to school.

During the fascist occupation, there was a hospital in the castle building. After the war, there was also a kindergarten and agricultural technical school.

With the restoration of independence, respect for history and the inheritance of culture, alas, has not returned. By clever dealers, the castle was sold into private hands during the era of independence, and after that, he retreated to one of the banks for debts. Now the castle has new owners trying to renovate, but apparently not enough money.

It is believed that this is where the attack on Emperor Paul I, the owner of the castle Peter Paven, was planned and organized. Peter Pavlen was repeatedly deprived of his posts for the intrigue, scandal, and discord that accompanied him. In August 1800, he was dismissed as Governor. One of the organizers of the plot against Emperor Paul I, which led to his murder, considered his position in society unstable. He was so confident in playing a double role in the conspiracy, but he didn’t hold any higher positions.

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