Cliff Sietiniesis

Cliff Sietiniesis

Gauja National Park is rich in natural paths and beautiful paths. A cliff of Sietiniezis is 100 kilometers from Riga. From Latvian, the cliffs of Sietiniezis are translated as cliffs of Sietiniezis.

The cliff itself formed in a process of change that has been going on for millions of years and is still going on. The place is still changing because nature wants it.

Here you can see a cave with two exits, an arch, high cliffs, and niches. The sand scours of the cliff are marked with inscriptions and names.

There’s a legend associated with this place. According to loyalty, this place was inhabited by hell, so a cave with two exits is called a goddamn cave. The big sandbulb on the south side of the cliff is called the heel of hell. The legend-dwelling heck was based on this protrusion before he jumped across the river.

There’s a second belief. Once the hell got mad at the gentleman across the street at Liepas Manor. Hell tried to roll the ledge to his estate to block the exit. But the rooster sang early this morning and the hell didn’t finish his cunning plan.

Well, now we can enjoy walking the paths and the wooden staircases. As you admire nature, you can recharge your energy and get a fresh shot of inspiration.

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