Viesatas Upesloki nature trail

Viesatas Upesloki nature trail

It is very atmospheric place for a walk. It is good for those who love long hikes and nature. We were on this trail in winter, but our advice is to come back here at warm and sunny seasons.

When you enter the path, you will receive an information poster that will tell you about two possible routes. There is a short route that will be about 4 kilometres long and marked at the map with yellow. The long route on the map is marked in red with a lenght of six kilometres, which in winter is blocked by flooding of some parts of the path.

Throughout the route, you will have recreational shops with a picturesque view, leisure areas with fires and tables, and information booths that will tell you thet plants or natural phenomena are found on the trail.

We recommend a full route (about 11km) and take everything with you for the picnic, as it is very picturesque and well equipped for recreation.

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