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The Riga TV Tower, a prominent structure in Riga, Latvia, was constructed between 1979 and 1986, standing at a towering height of 368.5 meters. This elevation not only makes it the tallest building in the Baltics but also positions it as the fourth tallest in Europe (after the Ostankino TV Tower, Lakhta-Center, and Kyiv TV tower), and the 44th tallest globally (as of 2011).

Perched at 97 meters, an observation deck offers breathtaking panoramic views of Riga, its outskirts, and the Gulf of Riga, weather permitting. The tower is strategically located on the island of Zakusala, also known as “Hare Island,” situated in the middle of the Daugava River (Western Dvina) at an altitude of 7 meters above sea level.

To ensure stability, the tower’s foundation delves 27 meters into the ground, resting on a layer of dolomite. Its external structure features three “legs” supporting the main body and a spire. Two of these “legs” house high-speed elevators that ascend 97 meters in a swift 52 seconds, while the third serves as a backup with a staircase and cables connecting to the administrative building and transmitters.

Engineered to withstand wind speeds of up to 44 m/s, the tower is a testament to structural resilience. At the main entrance, a memorial stone named “Sputnik” (crafted by Kristaps Gulbis in 1987) adds a touch of historical significance.

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