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📍 Helsinki, FI
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You can watch a live broadcast from a webcam showing the Vuosaari metro station in the city of Helsinki, Finland.

Vuosaari is the easternmost station and one of the terminus stops of the Helsinki metro, located in the central part of the residential area of Vuosaari in the eastern part of Helsinki, Finland. The station was designed by the architectural firm Esa Piironen Oy and opened on August 31, 1998.

It has western and eastern exits equipped with escalators and elevators. The western exit leads to the Vuosaari Sports Complex and the Ullanpasilta Bridge, while the eastern exit leads to the Columbus Shopping Center, the Cirrus residential high-rise building, and the Vuotalo Cultural Center. There is a bus stop near the metro station where buses number 78, 90, 96, 98, 98A, P6, and P7 stop.

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