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The town of McAdenville, North Carolina has been famous for its status as a Christmas town since the mid-1950s. If you decide to watch this livestream any time other than December, you might be in for a surprise. During these months, you’ll be hard-pressed to get into the Christmas spirit by looking at the small, undecorated tree that this webcam is focused on.

It has become a tradition in McAdenville to light up every home and business, and this tradition began with William Farr, the owner of the mill. After the Depression, he helped support the local community by employing locals in his textile company and helping to boost the economy.

Farr initially funded the city’s lighting to maintain community spirit and shine a light during the dark years of the Depression. More than seventy years later, McAdenville still sparkles brightly in December, with far more lights on than there are residents. Outside of the Christmas season, as seen on camera, the city appears modest and festive.

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