Best beaches in Riga

Best beaches in Riga

Finally , a real summer has come to us, and in this weather, each of us is looking for a comfortable and well-maintained beach. Let’s start our story about the beaches of Riga, and start with perhaps the largest beach.


Lucavsala – a huge territory (11 hectares) covered with lawn. For residents of the city, perhaps one of the most convenient beaches. There is a spacious children’s playground, picnic areas ,changing booths, a volleyball court , and various exercise equipment. If you get tired of the sun, there will be enough trees to hide in the shade.


Kipsala is another beach almost in the center of the city. A sandy beach with a children’s playground, but the beach has the status of an unofficial beach in Riga as it does not meet the standards of swimming places. There is also a beach soccer field. In the summer, there is a small cafe. There are changing booths on the beach .While sunbathing here you will see the panorama of the old town and the port of Riga.


Kangarax is a small beach, only 170 meters long . The advantage of this beach is that you can easily reach it not only by car but also by bike or electric scooter. Here you can swim and there is a lifeguard tower with lifeguards on duty.


Vecaki is one of the most popular beaches in Riga. A nice well-maintained beach, a tiled path leads to the beach. Recently, a new sanitary complex was opened on the beach – showers, a mother and child room . In front of the entrance to the beach there is a children’s playground with slides and swings. Here, as well as in Jurmala, there are rental points for sun loungers, at the entrance to the beach there are foot showers.

Lake Babelites

Lake Babelites is a beach that is located not far from the center of Riga . As you know, the water in the lakes warms up much faster than in the sea, so there will always be a lot of vacationers. On the shore there are cabanas for changing clothes and the swimming area is divided by buoys – for adults and children. There is also a beach volleyball court and table tennis tables.


Mezapark is a fairly large park in Riga, in addition to the fact that there is a zoo, a large playground, roller skates, electric scooters and other recreation options-there is a beach. The beach is quite small, with booths installed for changing clothes. On the beach itself there is no Playground or sports sector, there is a cafe with hammocks and tables nearby.


Daugavgriva beach-the beach is quite far from the center of Riga, but nevertheless deserves attention. The beach itself is divided into 2 zones – for lovers of a relaxing beach holiday and for lovers of active recreation. There is a children’s Playground, cabanas for changing clothes, sun beds. To the beach there is a path on which it is convenient to move as a mother with strollers and pedestrians.


Vakarbulli beach is also far from the center of Riga, but this beach has a blue flag. Here, too, everyone will find something to do to their liking , there is an active and relaxing recreation area, a children’s playground , changing booths.

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