Bike Paths in Riga.

Bike Paths in Riga.

Here we will try to collect for you all the bike routes of the city of Riga, on the bike paths you can also ride on an electric scooter.

Bike Path Center of Riga-Mezapark.

The length of this bike path is 6.6 kilometers. The beginning of the bike path is located at the intersection of Hanzas and Skanstes streets.

Attractions that you can visit on this route are the Mezapark itself and the Riga Zoo.

Bike path Center-Bergi.

The total length of the bike path is 14 km, and the residential area of Yugla can be reached in 30 minutes. This route will pass through the city center of Riga – so if you have time, you can explore the Bastion Hill, the Lime Chocolate Factory and the Ethnographic Museum on the way.

Bike path from the center of Riga through the residential area of Imanta to Jurmala.

The bike path from Imanta to Jurmala was laid back in the 1980s. From the center of Riga to Jurmala, the journey takes about an hour, and from Imanta to Jurmala about half an hour.

Along the way, you can explore Kipsala, visit the botanical garden on the border of the Ilgutsiems and Imanta districts.

Bike Path Mezapark-Vetsmilgravis.

This bike path was built in addition to the existing Cent Mezapark bike path. The bike path is 5 km long, but it should be extended to Vecaki.

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