The biggest playgrounds in Riga.

The biggest playgrounds in Riga.

It is not always interesting for our children to walk with us on nature trails or ride on bike paths , but they will never refuse to come to the playground. In this article, we will look at the largest playgrounds.

Central sports quarter.

The place is suitable for children of all ages and adults. The total area of the center is 4 hectares. There is a basketball field, a skatepark , a bike park , and a playground for street gymnastics. Video surveillance and new lighting are installed on the entire area of the center.

“Ushakov’s cap”.

Another fairly large center in the Plavnieki district is located on the territory of 84 secondary schools. The area is 5.4 hectares. Here, as well, any child and adult will find entertainment to their liking. Guests can play basketball , soccer , roller skating and ice hockey on site. There is a special area for training on fitness equipment.


Lucavsala Recreation Park.

A place that is suitable not only for children but also for adults. There is a large children’s Playground, picnic areas , changing booths. Here you can play volleyball and swim if you want.

Children’s playground in Mezapark.

A large playground divided into 2 zones-for younger children and for older children. Also here you will find adult entertainment to your liking, as the Mezapark is a large outdoor recreation complex.

Children’s playground in Imanta .

Large playground and sports center for the whole family. There is also a skatepark and a stadium on the territory of the park. Here you can safely come with the whole family or company for basketball games and not only.


Grizinkalns children’s playground.

Another children’s playground located in the center of Riga. In the picturesque park there is a place for a playground , as well as there is a sports sector.

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