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📍 Boqueirão do Leão, BR
  • Feels like 19.95°C
  • Humidity 💧 66%
  • Clouds 90%
  • Wind 🍃 2.65 km/h
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Rio Grande do Sul, situated in the Southern region of Brazil, holds the distinction of being the country’s southernmost state. Its administrative hub is Porto Alegre. To the north, it shares a border with Santa Catarina, while Uruguay marks its southern boundary, and Argentina lies to the west along the Uruguay River.

In the context of Brazil’s economic landscape, Rio Grande do Sul holds the fourth position in terms of GDP, following only São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Minas Gerais. Additionally, it ranks fifth in population and shares the fourth and fifth positions in the Human Development Index potential with Rio de Janeiro.

Towards the southern region of the state, one can find the remains of the San Miguel das Misões mission, a site of historical and cultural significance that has been recognized by UNESCO and included in the World Heritage List.

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