Hong Kong skyline


Kowloon City, HK
  • Feels like 36.92°
  • Humidity 80%
  • Clouds 1%
  • Wind 3.68 km/h
  • Sat
  • Sun
  • Mon

Exciting live broadcast from a webcam located on Hong Kong Island, China.

Through the camera, you can see the cityscape against the backdrop of the lush hills of the northern part of the island and the busy traffic on the Canal Road overpass. This overpass is a vital artery linking the Aberdeen Tunnel with the flooded Cross Harbor Tunnel.

The camera is located in Wanchai, an area that boasts notable landmarks such as the Golden Bauhinia Square, the iconic site of the handover ceremony between Britain and China.

In the center of the square stands a 66-foot flower sculpture, symbolizing Hong Kong’s transition to independence.

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