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Lenin Street, formerly known as Lubinsky Prospekt, is one of the busiest arteries in Omsk. During holidays and other special events, a variety of concerts and city events are held on this street.

The history of the formation of the name of this avenue is both romantic and tragic. Initially, this place was planted with a grove created by the Governor-General of Western Siberia, Gasford, and the inhabitants of the area gave it the name Lyubinskaya, in honor of the governor’s wife, Lyubov Feodorovna. As development progressed, stone houses with shops on the ground floors began to be built in this area. Over time, the grove was gradually cut down, and buildings grew in its place.

Various significant buildings arose along the avenue, such as the “Russia” hotel, a restaurant, a cinema, trading houses of Ganshin and Ovsyannikovs, as well as Morozov’s store. Also here you can see the monument to Lyubov Gasford, after whom the avenue is named, as well as the monument to the plumber Stepanych, the monument to the mayor and other attractions.

At present, the buildings along Lenina Street have been adapted for various boutiques and restaurants. One of the old buildings houses the Medical Academy.

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