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A live webcam shows the publishing and printing complex “Dalpress” in Vladivostok.

Dalpress” is a major printing publication in Vladivostok, being the absolute leader in the printing market of the Russian Far East. It was formed as a result of the reorganization of the printing house “Krasnoe Znamya,” founded in 1987 by the decree of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

“Dalpress” is located on Krasnogo Znameni Avenue in the Frunzensky district of Vladivostok, its address is: Krasnogo Znameni Avenue, 10. The range of printed products of the publishing house is very extensive, producing newspapers, books, albums, calendars, labels for various products, and much more.

The webcam is situated in the building number 30 on Krasnogo Znameni Avenue and shows the building of the printing publication “Dalpress,” with the intersection of Ocean Avenue and Krasnogo Znameni Avenue below. A bit further, you can see the intersection of Krasnogo Znameni Avenue and Komsomolskaya Street. In the foreground, in the center, a large hypermarket with numerous different stores is visible.

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