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📍 Vladivostok, RU
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Patroclus Bay on the northern coast of Peter the Great Bay in Vladivostok is a place that can be watched live via webcam. It is located between Cape Irodov and the Basargina Peninsula. The name of this bay was given in 1862 in honor of the brig “Patroclus”, under the command of Vasily Babkin.

In the early 1930s, the 55th air squadron on MBR-4 seaplanes was relocated from Sevastopol to the Vladivostok area by order of the People’s Commissar of Defense K.E. Voroshilov. This detachment became part of the Air Force of the Naval Forces of the Far East and led to the creation of a hydroairfield on the shore of Patroclus Bay.

In 2007, in preparation for the 2012 APEC Summit, it was planned to build an aquarium here, but later a decision was made to move it to Russky Island.

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