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📍 Kirovsk, RU
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The Khibiny Mountains, the largest mountain range on the Kola Peninsula, boast a geological age of approximately 390 million years. Characterized by plateau-shaped peaks and steep slopes adorned with isolated snowfields, the range harbors four small glaciers covering a total area of 0.1 km².

Mount Yudychvumchorr stands as the highest point, towering at 1200.6 m above sea level, with the Kukisvumchorr and Chasnachorr plateaus at the center.

Explore live webcams showcasing the Bolshoi Vudyavr Ski Complex in the Khibiny, Russia.

Nestled at the foothills are the cities of Apatity and Kirovsk, while the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute graces the base of Mount Vudyavrchorr.

The Khibiny’s flora holds significant value, hosting a diverse array of species, many of which are listed in various ranks of “red books.”

The terrestrial vertebrate fauna of the Khibiny mountain range encompasses 27 mammal species, 123 bird species, 2 reptile species, and 1 amphibian species. Almost all mammals found in the Murmansk region are represented, with some classified as protected or endangered.

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