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📍 Khimki, RU
  • Feels like -5.34°C
  • Humidity 💧 90%
  • Clouds 100%
  • Wind 🍃 6.14 km/h
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Lata-Trek – a ski resort offering sports and entertainment.

For over 70 years, the Krylatsky Hills have been a hub for active recreation and sports, hosting the capital’s first ski school. During the 1980 Olympics, the area featured a 13.5 km stretch of the Big Ring cycling track.

The resort boasts six well-equipped slopes of varying difficulty, four tubing tracks, and the capital’s premier snow park. With eight ski lifts and four ski schools, the Krylatskoye ski slopes, situated on a high plateau with a maximum elevation difference of 63 meters, offer panoramic views of the city’s skyscrapers from the resort’s summit.

The village of Krylatskoye became part of Moscow in 1960, initially falling under the Kyiv district and later, since 1969, in the Kuntsevo district. In 1991, Krylatskoye attained the status of a municipal district. In preparation for the 1980 Moscow Olympics, the district underwent significant development, utilizing soil removed during metro construction to create a modern infrastructure. Noteworthy sports facilities, including the Olympic cycling road within the present Lata Track complex and the Rowing Canal in the Tatarovskaya floodplain, were also established during this period.

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