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Situated within the Lakhta-Olgino municipality in St. Petersburg’s Primorsky district, the Lakhta Center stands as a comprehensive public and commercial complex.

The compound encompasses five distinct structures: a tower, a multifunctional building, a primary entrance arch building, a cluster of buildings, and a stylobate. The collective floor area of these components reaches 570,000 square meters. Notably, the towering core of the complex serves as the headquarters for the prominent Russian corporation Gazprom.

The inaugural phase, encompassing the skyscraper, was granted operational approval on October 16, 2018. Subsequently, in July 2020, the second stage of the Lakhta Center received authorization for operation from Gosstroynadzor.

Reaching a remarkable height of 462 meters, the Lakhta Center’s tower stands as the northernmost skyscraper globally. Comprising the ensemble are Lakhta Center 2 and Lakhta Center 3, forming an architecturally cohesive unit. Notably, it holds the distinction of being Russia and Europe’s tallest edifice and ranks as the 16th tallest globally. The Lakhta Center proudly occupies a spot among the world’s five most ecologically responsible skyscrapers. The comprehensive valuation of the complex amounted to 155 billion rubles.

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