Gagarin Square (Moscow) Live cam

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📍 Leninskiye Gory, RU
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Live webcam overlooking Gagarin Square in Moscow.

Gagarin Square is a notable square situated in Moscow’s South-Western and Southern districts. It is positioned on Leninsky Prospekt and serves as a hub from which Kosygina Street and 60th Anniversary of October Avenue extend. Underneath the square, the Ring Railway and the Third Transport Ring pass through a tunnel. This square ranks among the largest in Russia.

Its origins trace back to the construction of the Chamber-Collegiate Wall around Moscow in 1742 on the Kaluga Highway. This wall became the official city border in 1806, marking the birth of the square. It took shape near the Kaluga outpost, an area untouched by the city’s residential expansion for a substantial period.

Notably, the square is in close proximity to the Neskuchny Garden, park estates, and the Donskoy Monastery. It was incorporated into Moscow in 1806 as part of the Serpukhov police unit. In the late 19th century, the region boasted settlements like Zhivodernaya (integrated into Moscow in 1866) and a settlement adjacent to St. Andrew’s Monastery, as well as the St. Andrew’s almshouse.

Beyond the square, you’d find the Krovyanka River ravine. The Kaluga outpost was historically not a bustling one, akin to outposts like Serpukhovskaya, as they were distant from the residential areas on Moscow’s side.

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