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📍 Yalta, UA
🌞 23.46°C
  • Feels like 23.14°C
  • Humidity 💧 49%
  • Clouds 1%
  • Wind 🍃 3.3 km/h
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Webcam Beach cafe “Orange” is located on the beach of the Yalta-Intourist hotel

Yalta, situated on the southern shoreline of Crimea, is recognized as both a resort and a port city.

This area encompasses not only the city itself but also what is referred to as Greater Yalta, an expanse stretching over 70 km, encompassing Yalta as the administrative hub along with Alupka and various villages. The span of Greater Yalta ranges from Foros in the west to Krasnokamenka in the east. In administrative terms, Greater Yalta constitutes the Yalta urban district.

The name “Yalta” is commonly believed to have Greek origins, stemming from γιαλος (yalos), meaning “shore.” Nonetheless, there are theories suggesting a Turkic origin for the city’s name, originating from a modified version of the original Greek name.

The earliest historical reference to Yalta dates back to 1154, documented by the Arab historian Al-Idrisia. He mentions “Galita” (also known as Kaulita or Jalita), denoting a Cuman (Polovtsian) settlement on the Black Sea coast. In the Crimean Tatar language, this name translates to “on the shore.”

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