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📍 Cēsis, LV
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Maya Park (Maija parks), which can be viewed via webcam, also known as Alekseevsky Park, has its origins in the 19th century, when the romantic ruins of the castle became an important part of garden architecture. It was founded by Kaspars Veidenbaums, the grandfather of E. Veidenbaums, the gardener of the Cesis castle estate. In the park you can find the famous sculpture “Battle with Centur” by Kārlis Jansons, which has become a symbol of the city over time.

Since 2005, the park has been home to a pair of black swans from Lisbon. These graceful creatures swim through the ponds of the park, arousing the admiration of visitors. The park also has an extensive children’s area with a variety of attractions suitable for different ages of children, as well as outdoor tennis tables, bike parking and a skate park.

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