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Reykjanes is presently under intense scrutiny in Iceland due to an increased likelihood of volcanic activity, marked by a resurgence of earthquakes reminiscent of the pattern observed during the March 2021 eruption in Fagradalsfjall, which subsided in September 2021.

The eruption in Fagradalsfjall was distinctive compared to other monitored volcanoes in Iceland, leading to suggestions that it might evolve into a shield volcano. Thanks to its convenient accessibility from Reykjavík, the volcano has attracted both local residents and tourists from abroad.

A subsequent eruption, closely resembling the one in 2021, commenced on August 3, 2022, and concluded on August 21, 2022. Another eruption emerged to the north of Fagradalsfjall near Litli-Hrútur on July 10, 2023, concluding on August 5, 2023.

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