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📍 Hopkins, BZ
🌦 27.86°C
  • Feels like 32.35°C
  • Humidity 💧 84%
  • Clouds 51%
  • Wind 🍃 3.66 km/h
  • 🌦
  • 🌦
  • 🌦

The village of Hopkins, located on the east coast of Belize, where the webcam is located.

The village itself is divided into two separate parts: the northern part, known as Baila and the southern part, often called the False Seat. Hopkins is surrounded on the interior by the Mayan Mountains and the Cockscomb Range, with the Caribbean Sea forming its eastern border. In addition, it is close to the Sitti river.

This village was founded in 1942 on the site of the remains of Newtown, a settlement destroyed by a hurricane further along the coastline.

Hopkins is a Garifuna village located on the shores of the Stann Creek region of Belize and is recognized as the cultural center of the Garifuna community inland.

The village celebrates its unique heritage with its own national holiday, Hopkins Day, and invites you to join in the celebration of Garifuna Independence Day. These holidays are marked by vigorous drumming ceremonies that can last until the early hours of the morning.

As of the 2010 census, Hopkins had a population of 1,610 residents with the majority (70.2%) identifying as Garifuna.

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