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📍 Porlamar, VE
  • Feels like 31.22°C
  • Humidity 💧 75%
  • Clouds 98%
  • Wind 🍃 8.27 km/h
  • Wed
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Live webcam shows a view of Porlamar beach in Venezuela

Porlamar stands as a prominent city and significant seaport within the state of Nueva Esparta, Venezuela. It is positioned on the southern shoreline of Margarita Island, one of the trio of islands located in the Caribbean Sea off the South American mainland, collectively constituting the state of Nueva Esparta. It sits approximately 10 km away from the state’s capital, La Asunción.

Porlamar holds the distinction of being the capital of Mariño, the most densely populated among the eleven municipalities forming the state of Nueva Esparta.

Originally established as Puerto de la Mar (now known as Porlamar) on the southeastern coast in 1536, this founding occurred less than four decades after Christopher Columbus’ initial voyage through the region. In 1561, the town briefly fell under the control of the Latin American conquistador and rebel, Lope de Aguirre.

During Aguirre’s occupation, several of the town’s inhabitants, including its governor, were executed, and the royal treasury was pillaged. Even following Aguirre’s demise on the mainland, the beach where he first landed on the island is still recognized as playa del Tirano.

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