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The Hōzōmon, also known as the “Treasure-House Gate” stands as one of the two grand entrance gates leading to the Sensō-ji in Asakusa, Tokyo. The Kaminarimon serves as the outer gate. This two-story structure plays a significant role in housing many valuable artifacts of the Sensō-ji.

The second floor of the Hōzōmon is home to numerous precious items belonging to the Sensō-ji. On the first floor, visitors can find two statues, three lanterns, and two large sandals. The dimensions of this impressive gate are 22.7 meters in height, 21 meters in width, and 8 meters in depth.

Taira no Kinmasa initially constructed the Hōzōmon in 942 AD. Unfortunately, it faced destruction due to a fire in 1631.

However, Tokugawa Iemitsu took on the task of rebuilding it in 1636. After standing tall for another three centuries, it was tragically consumed by fire once again during the Tokyo air raids in 1945. To revive this historic structure, a new incarnation emerged in 1964, crafted from steel-reinforced concrete, made possible by a generous donation of ¥150 million from Yonetarō Motoya.

With the utilization of flame-resistant materials in its reconstruction, the upper floor of the Hōzōmon now safeguards the Sensō-ji’s cherished sutras. Among these invaluable treasures is a copy of the Lotus Sutra, an esteemed Japanese National Treasure, and the Issai-kyō, a complete collection of Buddhist scriptures, distinguished as an Important Cultural Property.

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