The Cove Leland Fishtown


Leland, US
  • Feels like 10.99°
  • Humidity 98%
  • Clouds 2%
  • Wind 2.55 km/h
  • Sat
  • Sun
  • Mon

View this breathtaking panorama via webcam Fishtown Leland, Michigan Historic Heritage Site. This cozy city is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and near the Leland River.

Fishtown Leland was founded in the 1850s and still retains its commercial character, attracting tourists to Leland. Live streamed by The Cove shows you ancient wooden buildings and boats at the mouth of the river, representing a traditional fishing community on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Some of the houses on this historic waterfront are still in use as commercial fisheries, while others have been converted into cozy restaurants and shops, giving Fishtown a special touch.

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