Slovakia – Strbske Pleso

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Strba, SK
  • Feels like 7.78°
  • Humidity 84%
  • Clouds 0%
  • Wind 0.86 km/h
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Nowadays Štrbské Pleso is a part of Štrbské Pleso district, which is located on the municipal land of Štrba village. It is the second largest glacial lake in the High Tatras on the Slovak side, second only to Hinkovo Pleso. Štrba Lake gets its name from the village Štrba, and the word “pleso” is used to refer to the mountain lakes. In the past it was known locally as “puddle” or “pond” (mláka). The lake is fed by underground springs and has no visible water flow. The surface of the lake freezes for about 155 days a year.

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