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Live webcam with a view of Spis Castle, Slovakia

Spis Castle, built by the Hungarians, is located on the top of a tuff mountain 634 meters above sea level. The castle walls, from 20 to 40 meters high in different areas, make the castle inaccessible. Local residents call it “an inaccessible and inaccessible place.” Archaeological excavations in this area revealed traces of the Bukovogorsk culture, and the ancient settlement of the Pukhovskaya culture, dating back to the early Iron Age, was built on a rock massif.

In the 11th century, Spis Castle was founded on the top of the mountain, on the remains of a Celtic settlement. The castle was subsequently rebuilt and expanded in the 13th century. It successfully repelled the Mongol assault in 1241 thanks to fortifications created by the caring King Béla IV.

Over the centuries, the castle has passed through many owners and ruling families, and has been subject to renovations and additions. In 1993, Spiš Castle was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Currently, the process of restoration of the castle’s fortifications is underway.

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