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📍 Fort Lauderdale, US
  • Feels like 30.37°C
  • Humidity 💧 78%
  • Clouds 40%
  • Wind 🍃 6.06 km/h
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Plant city Is a small town in the state of Florida, its population is just over 34 thousand people.There is a famous memorial library, parks, and schools. The city is notable for being added to the Florida railroad interchange.

Americans called Florida the Sunny state, although its name comes from the Spanish florida (land of flowers), it is located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean. A significant part of the state’s territory is covered by lakes.

Florida is a Paradise state for tourists from all over the world, where tourists are very much appreciated and make every effort in the tourism business. The coast was divided into 2 parts for different groups of tourists.

East coast-suitable for lovers of outdoor activities and nightlife. This is where the beaches are recognized as the best for outdoor activities.

West coast-rightfully granted to families with children and less active tourism, it is believed that the water here is somewhat warmer than on the East coast and the entrance to the ocean is not so deep near the shore.

The climate in the state is subtropical and is considered the warmest in the country.

But Florida is not only sought for a beach holiday, the state is rich in attractions

The Mecca of Miami’s nightlife, Disneyland that needs no explanation, as well as national parks and nature reserves.

Everglades national Park is one of the largest natural parks in the United States. The Park is very interesting for its primitive and wild nature, it is here that it is fashionable to walk along the path from which you can observe the life of alligators, towers and places are equipped throughout the Park for tourists to observe the life of wild animals.

Interesting facts about Florida

  • the state simultaneously has two climates — tropical and subtropical.
  • Florida has the largest number of oranges in all of America.
  • There is a city in Florida called St. Petersburg.
  • The state’s GDP is 4th nationwide.
  • The roads are recognized as the best in the United States.
  • The state is the largest producer of corn and legumes.
  • Pets are allowed in the Dorms of a University in Florida.

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