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📍 Phoenix, US
🌞 31.28°C
  • Feels like 29.17°C
  • Humidity 💧 14%
  • Clouds 0%
  • Wind 🍃 2.48 km/h
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Webcam with a view of the skyscrapers in the city of Phoenix

Phoenix is the capital and largest city in the state of Arizona, USA. The city’s 2021 population estimate is 1,624,569, making Phoenix the largest capital city in the United States, surpassing even the federal capital, Washington, and ranking as the 5th most populous city in the country.

Phoenix also serves as the county seat of Maricopa County and has one of the largest land areas of any city in the United States.

The Phoenix metropolitan area, with an estimated population of 4,946,145 by 2021, is the 10th largest metropolitan area in the United States.

Over the past four decades, the Phoenix metropolitan area’s population has grown by an average of 24% per decade. Beginning in 2008, the city’s population began to grow again after a decline caused by the 2008 mortgage crisis and falling home prices. This was due to the increase in the arrival of immigrants, mainly from Mexico.

Snowfall is very rare in Phoenix, with only seven snowfall events in the city’s history, the last of which occurred in December 1985. The maximum depth of snow cover was 10 cm in January 1937. Sometimes there are dust storms here.

Phoenix is one of the hottest and driest cities in the United States and even the world.

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