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The Paseo de la Reforma is a wide diagonal artery that runs through the center of Mexico City. This ambitious project was conceived by EmperorMaximilian Ferdinandvon Rosenzweig during the Second Mexican Empire and took inspiration from the great boulevards of Europe such as theRingstrassein Vienna and the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Initially, the main purpose of this vast boulevard was to connect the National Palace with the imperial residence known as Chapultepec Castle, which was located on the southwestern outskirts of the city. This project was originally called “Paseo de la Emperatriz” (translated as “Walk of the Empress”) in honor of Empress Carlota, wife of Maximilian.

However, after the overthrow of the empire and the execution ofMaximilian, the republic again named this boulevard, now in honor of La Reforma.

Currently, Paseo de la Reforma is home to many of the tallest buildings in Mexico, including theTorre Mayorand others located in the Zona Rosa.

More modern additions to this boulevard continue it in a new direction relative to the older part.

In the northeast, it continues toTlatelolcowhere it changes its name near thePlaza de las Tres Culturas. There it splits into Calzada de Guadalupe and Calzada de los Misterios, which continue towards La Villa.

Its western part, starting from the ParqueChapultepecpasses through the Polanco district, then through the wealthy Lomas de Chapultepec district and on to Cuajimalpa and Santa Fe on the outskirts of the city. But when it reaches this point, it looks more like a highway than just a downtown street.

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