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📍 Pacifica, US
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Pacifica Pier is a fishing pier located in Pacific City, in western San Mateo County, California. This L-shaped pier extends into the Pacific Ocean for a quarter mile from the city of Pacifica and is officially named the Reverend Herschel Harkins Pacifica Memorial Pier.

It was built in 1973 as part of the Pacific sewerage system. The pier has a 710 mm pipe that extends a quarter of a mile from the shore and discharges treated sewage into the Pacific Ocean. However, this process is outdated and a new wastewater treatment plant was established in 2004.

In the past, the Pier was closed for periods of repair, such as in 1993 and in heavy surf.

Pierce’s construction was a joint project of the City of Pacifica, the Wildlife Conservation Council, and the California Department of Fish and Game.

The Pacifica Pier Renovation Project was funded in part by a grant from the Coastal State Conservation.

The Pier is managed by the Department of Parks, Beaches and Recreation of the City of Pacifica, California.

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