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Oklahoma city is the capital of the us state of the same name, and its name is often shortened to the abbreviation OKS. Located on the land of the Great plains, Oklahoma was called the “Red people”, since this territory was originally inhabited by Indians.

Oklahoma city was founded only in 1889, but the history of its Foundation is very interesting. This happened during the historical event “Land Race” – 50 thousand people in April 1889 rushed here, to the not yet distributed land, to grab a free piece of land. By the evening of the same day, a tent city of more than 10,000 people was formed.

Oklahoma is the 20th largest state in America, the state has developed oil production, since the city is located in an active oil location, oil production in this region is the largest sector for the US economy.

Perhaps the most famous American highway “Route 66” passes through Oklahoma city. “Route 66” is considered the mother of all roads in America, the length of the highway is 4 thousand kilometers. Construction began in 1926, thanks to Henry Ford, personal cars could afford more citizens, but the development of roads was also affected by the Great Depression, someone wanted to travel and someone wanted to find a better life and work in other American States. The majority of Americans sought to California in the hope of a better life and earnings. Work on the road continued for more than 10 years and the road was not officially called the “Road of life”.

One of the most interesting and popular places is the Capitol, its construction lasted at least 100 years, only in 2002 a dome was erected over the Capitol, it is noteworthy that this is the only Capitol in the world built over an oil well.

Interesting facts about Oklahoma

  • A motorcyclist will not be accepted into the ranks of bikers if he has not been traveling on route 66.
  • Oklahoma is the most Christian state in America.
  • The first electric guitar was invented here by Oklahoma native Bob Dunn.
  • The first Parking meter was installed and connected in Oklahoma in 1935. By the way, this was the first Parking meter in the United States.
  • Every year, an unusual competition is held here, the world Cup for throwing a cow chip.
  • Oklahoma is known for frequent tornadoes.
  • The first shopping cart was also invented here.

Before the events of September 11, 2011, it was in Oklahoma that the first and worst terrorist attack on the territory of the United States occurred.

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