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The New River is a river in the United States that is a tributary of the Canova and is 515 kilometers long. It is also among the rivers recognized as American Heritage Rivers. The first mention of the New River dates back to 1671, when an expedition of fur hunters sent by Abraham Wood discovered this river. That is why it was originally called Wood River and Woods River.

In 2005, a 25 cent commemorative coin was issued featuring a bridge over the New River called New River Gorge.

The river flows through the territories of three states: North Carolina (42.6 kilometers), Virginia and West Virginia. On the territory of the latter is the New River Gorge National River National Park.

The river got its name “New” because it was discovered late in the history of the exploration of this region, when many others had already been explored.

Interestingly, the New River is the only one among the rivers that cross the Appalachians that is not subject to tides. There are several hydroelectric power stations on the river, the largest of which is the Kleitor hydroelectric power station, which forms the reservoir of the same name.

Several bridges cross the New River, the most famous of which is the New River Gorge.

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