Marshall Point Lighthouse


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Webcam overlooking Marshall Point Lighthouse, located at the entrance to Port Clyde Harbor in Port Clyde, Maine. The foundation of this light station dates back to 1832.

In 1832, the Marshall Point lighthouse was established to assist ships navigating the waters of Port Clyde harbour. The purchase of four acres of land was made for $120, with the land being named after one of the early settlers, John Marshall, who had a homestead in the area.

The original lighthouse was a tower 20 feet high, lit by seven oil lamps equipped with 14-inch reflectors.

Subsequently, in 1857 the original tower was replaced by the current lighthouse, 9.4 meters high, built of white brick on a granite foundation. The tower was originally illuminated using a fifth-order Fresnel lens, and a raised wooden walkway connects the tower to the ground.

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