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📍 Santa Monica, US
🌞 18.05°C
  • Feels like 17.74°C
  • Humidity 💧 70%
  • Clouds 0%
  • Wind 🍃 2.7 km/h
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Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in America.

It can rightly be called the capital of the film and television industry.

In Los Angeles, the world-famous Hollywood district is located, the name Hollywood is laid out in with letters on a hill. In Hollywood, there are studios “Paramount Pictures”, “Universal”, “Warner Brothers”. If you have such desire you can visit excursions to these studios. Name of the city is translated as City of Angels.

The city has a great location with an ocean on one side and mountains on the other, heat lovers will be delighted with the climate – hot,dry summers and not long mild, wet winters. Los Angeles has at least 320 Sunny days a year!

If you want to travel in Los Angeles by car, then catch a useful tip – add extra time to your route, this city has one of the highest rates of motorization of the population. Also because of this fact, the ecology of the city is very affected, Los Angeles is considered the city with the most polluted atmosphere in the States.

The Best time to travel to the city of Angels is September – early October, the weather is not much different from summer. The worst time to travel is considered to be the tourist peak, the period from July to August. From the point of view of security-the city is considered quite safe, but the Police do not recommend walking at night in remote areas.

Interesting facts about Los Angeles

  • The very first star on the Alley of fame appeared in 1960.
  • Every day, 50 movies are shot simultaneously in the city of Angels.
  • Here is the only lighthouse in the world that shines green.
  • A special patrol has been created at the police station – its duties are to catch rats.
  • Los Angeles has even hosted the Summer Olympics twice, which is the only time in the world.

Los Angeles is one of the centers of the graffiti scene. The “public art” program has been created here, and all developers are required to donate one percent of the construction cost to the public art Fund.

Los Angeles is a city of dreams where dreamers arrive every day hungry for fame and multimillion-dollar fees.

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