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📍 Inta, RU
🌥 18.59°C
  • Feels like 17.52°C
  • Humidity 💧 39%
  • Clouds 67%
  • Wind 🍃 5.64 km/h
  • Fri
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Established in 1940 initially as the headquarters for an extensive mine design expedition, the city later became known as Inta from 1954 onward. Its name is derived from the hydronym of the Inta River, with the term thought to originate from the Nenets language, specifically i'(d)ta, meaning “a place abundant in water” or “a waterlogged place.”

The city’s roots trace back to 1932 when it was founded on the grounds of substantial thermal coal deposits, previously discovered in the early 20th century within the present-day Inta region. The coal deposit’s revelation was credited to Ivan Nikolaevich Sorvachev, a coal miner, with the support of P. P. Mataftin, a full member of the Russian Geographical Society.

From 1940 onward, Inta witnessed the commencement of industrial development focused on the Inta coal deposit, a part of the larger Pechora coal basin. Concurrently, the village of Inta took shape as the central hub for a comprehensive mine design expedition, earning its name due to its proximity to the Big Inta River. The river’s hydronym, in turn, is believed to stem from the Nenets language, signifying “a place abundant in water” or “a waterlogged place.”

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