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📍 Helena, US
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Through this webcam you can watch live Helena, the capital of the American state of Montana and the seat of Lewis and Clark County.

Helena began as a gold camp during the Montana Gold Rush and was founded on October 30, 1864. Thanks to this rush, Helena became a wealthy city, home to about 50 millionaires by 1888. This rich flow of funds inspired the city’s magnificent, elaborate Victorian architecture.

One notable landmark is the Gothic building known as “Charlie’s” that dominates the entire campus. Built in 1909, it was the first building to open when Carroll College opened. It is a four-story building with red trim, porphyry stone and a red tile roof. In the early 1900s, it served as a place of learning, dormitory, dining hall and library.

Today, up to 230 students study in the main and south wings of Charles. Everyone, both men and women, has the opportunity to live in single, double, triple or quadruple rooms, each of which is unique in its features, size and design.

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