Hawaii – Subaru Telescope Live cam

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Live cam in Hawaii view on Subaru Telescope

The Subaru Telescope observatory was formally established in April 1997 after the completion of its central facility building in Hilo, Hawaii. The term “Subaru Telescope” encompasses both the telescope itself and the entire observatory organization.

Given the challenges of operating at high altitudes, the majority of support operations for the telescope are carried out in Hilo by a team of approximately 100 individuals. The Hilo Base Facility encompasses various research labs, a library, and extensive computing resources, including a powerful supercomputer.

Positioned in the summit area of Maunakea, a dormant volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island, the Subaru Telescope operates in an exceptional astronomical setting.

Maunakea’s summit is an isolated peak that rises above most of Earth’s atmospheric disturbances.

Air pressure on Maunakea’s peak is only two-thirds of that at sea level. Typically, clouds form below the summit due to an inversion layer that inhibits their ascent. Hawaii’s geographical isolation results in smooth trade winds blowing over the islands, and minimal light pollution due to the scarcity of cities.

The Maunakea summit area stands as one of the world’s premier astronomical observation locations. Alongside the Subaru Telescope, Maunakea hosts three other telescopes within the 8-10 m class, including the Gemini North telescope and the two Keck telescopes.

Maunakea represents an invaluable natural and cultural asset. Managed as a science reserve, its development is meticulously regulated to harmonize preservation needs with the requirements of scientific exploration.

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