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Fort Lauderdale, US
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  • Humidity 83%
  • Clouds 81%
  • Wind 2.7 km/h
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Las Olas Boulevard serves as a significant thoroughfare stretching east to west in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States. Its course spans from SW 1st Avenue within the Central Business District to Florida State Road A1A at Fort Lauderdale Beach. The name “Las Olas” translates to “The Waves” in Spanish. Previously, this road was designated as both State Road A1A Alt. and State Road 842.

Commencing on a barrier island, the easternmost segment traverses the intracoastal waterway. Subsequently, the route proceeds through residential areas such as Seven Isles and Hendricks and Venice Isles. Beyond SE 17th Avenue, the road enters a bustling commercial shopping district, informally known as “Las Olas.” Along this stretch, you’ll find an array of low and mid-rise establishments, including bars, nightclubs, bridal stores, boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants. Spanning the Henry E. Kinney Tunnel, the road then enters the city’s financial district. The westernmost part of the boulevard is predominantly flanked by high-rise buildings.

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